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Empowerment (Natural Hair Academy 2016)

Conference #Empowerment

Kelly MASSOL, Magatte WADE, Michaela Angela DAVIS, Tehonah PARRIS, Julee WILSON

Christiane Taubira en discours d’ouverture et Christine KELLY pour le mot de la fin

So much inspiration, so much love, so much power.

The conference was meant to be inspiring but I didn’t expect something like that because it truly was… inspiring ! It felt and still feels so good to know that the change is ON. That we are many, we are talented and we are « sisters » as strongly pointed out by Michaela Angela Davis several times.

We will show the world we are equally capable as anyone else, if not even more. #Empowerment

I fell in love with Magatte Wade’s personnality. Wow, what a women ! She speaks her mind just has it is, and I love it. I very much admire her energy, her strenght and her will to shed the light on Africa’s talents. She transmitted so much power to us in the crowd, I felt like I could do anything. At a confusing time when I can’t see where I am going with my professional life, it suddenly became clear. I want to work with her ! I want to work with people who desire to change the world for the better like her. I want to be a part of it.

I want to change the way people think of Africa.

Getting to share some thoughts with those talented and incredible women, feeling their power and strenght, becoming aware of their weakness also, it was all so beneficial for our empowerment. It gave us faith, that it is possible and that it will happen. We will change the way people look at Africa.

At the end, a couple of tears dropped from my eyes when Christine Kelly told us about how hard it was to begin her job at the CSA. I think we could all feel the struggle she had to endure, and we knew we might have to endure something similar. But it still remained a very positive message.

Magatte, Michaela, Tehonah, Kelly, Julee and Christine… they are living proofs that it is possible and that it is definitely worth the struggle. #Empowerment

This moment was precious. From the begining with Christiane Taubira’s inspiring speech until the end, it was powerful. Thank you so much NHA for making this possible. I can’t wait to see you all next year !

Some quotes, based on what I remember so it might not be the exact sentences but I hope I got the right ideas :

« Our beauties can co-exsist, they are not in competition » T. Parris

« Our sisterhood is an incredible strength » M. A. Davis

« We are D-O-P-E ! » M. A. Davis

« Je veux changer la façon dont les gens pensent à L’Afrique, faire tomber tous les préjugés négatifs. Et prouver par l’action que c’est possible » M. Wade

« I want to make sure that our beauty, our style, our hair, our SWAG, is well represented on the media » J. Wilson

« Notre mouvement pour l’acceptation de nos cheveux naturels, est un mouvement pour plus de liberté. Attention à ce que ça ne se transforme pas en quelque chose de contradictoire qui serait comme une dictature du cheveux naturel. Ce qu’on veut c’est avoir le choix ! » M. Wade

« Ma grand-mère m’a dit : Là bas tu vas te retrouver un milieu de camarades qui vont être très différents de toi, ne te laisse pas intimider ! » M. Wade

« I am black, blonde and light. It’s very confusing for people to understand » M. A. Davis

« Everything is not always easy. There are always moments when you loose faith, you feel down. That’s when you need to remember who you are, tell yourself that you are strong and beautiful and brave. That’s also when you need your sisters to back you up » T. Parris

« My dad has always told me I was beautiful, even when I had untidy hair and brace » T. Parris

« Critize by creating » M. Wade

« More than empowered, let’s be powered » M. Wade


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